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…Food review (or fake food?) Chocolite Bar Triple Chocolate Fudge 13 May 2010

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I had high hopes for this bar, since it got 4/5 from the iateapie review. The bar is 95 calories, but a little high in sat fat. Described as “moist and delicious” the bar looks like a brownie – yum yum 

SDC10513Melty but chewy 


  • Chocolate tasted real adn they we’rent skimpy
  • Caramelly bonus
  • Low cal (95) for “decadence”
  • A good v. sweet snack


  • Clight alcohol sugar after-taste
  • Not really suited for hot weather climates (mm Australia)
  • Caramel too chewy, dessert should not make your jaw hurt

So to summarise I’d considering buying this bar again for when chocolate cravings hit. It doesn’t work as dessert because its too bar-y, and not brownie enough. 7/10

Starting to think that I am not really missing out on all that much. Altho still wish I could try their PB cups… or the caramel turtle..


… Food Review (again!) – Luna Bar Chocolate-Raspberry 12 May 2010

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After much success from White Choc Mac, Choc Raspberry was up next.

This is a full sized one. Although the ingredient list is long it doesn’t sound like a chemistry test.

I opened her up, and a delicious chocolate-bar looking vision greeted my eyes. Mmm a layer of choc, then protein-y filling, and a choc-raspberry gooey top with a frivolous drizzle, speckled with raspberry completed the look. And it smelt divine! I cut her in half (this time longways. Will keep doing that and have “luna fingers”) and chewed off an end.


This bar is PACKED with flavour! Kapow! Raspberry! BAM! Chocolate. And its candy-bar sweet, whereas white-choc mac was sweet with a slight hint of nutty-salty. Glad I only had half and glad i had it with some milk-o!

SDC10545-1 Mmm one last bite. The flavour makes up for its size in this case.

Thank you Luna!! 8/10. Cannot wait to finish this one off and try the last of my Luna’s – cookies and cream delight!

although the ingredient list is long it doenst sound like a chemistry test.This bar is PACKED with flavour! Kapow! Raspberry! * Cocoa. And its candy-bar sweet, where as white-choc mac was swee twith a slight hint of nutty-salty. Glad I only had half and glad i had it with some milko!



…Food Review: Luna Bar White Choc Macadamia

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Well, hello Luna.

We meet again.

I see this time you’re in a fetching blue wrapper. And what’s this? White chocolate macadamia? How did you know – that’s my favourite Subway cookie flavour, and true a weakness of mine, almost worth the extra padding on the hips. I must resist devouring you in one sitting…SDC10537

Mm you smell delicious, like a real snack bar should. Your seductive white choc drizzle is reminiscent of my trick to make ugly cakes look good. And you taste…FANTASTIC! The overwhelming white chocolate and the subtle macadamia. Sheer genius in snack form… Satisfying

SDC10540Ready for your close up?! Are they real nuts pillowed beneath your tasty protein goodness?! Oh my – I’m blushing…

Now that i have nommed the entire bar over two days, I can happily report that THIS BAR IS WORTH IT (and so are you!) Not minding about the calorie content, because I feel great after eating this – sweet enough for my brownie-addicted belly, but not too sweet to send me over the edge into mindless-munch land. 9/10 (I rarely give 10s) and please order me another case Mrs Morgan!


…Food Review:Luna Bar Minis (chocolate version)

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For years I have trawled weblogs, food reviews, salivating over the delicious choice of tasty ‘diet’ or ‘health’ food. Even just having diet mountain dew makes me want to schedule a holiday in the US! And don’t mention Vitatops, Dryers slow churned, Silk and Almond breeze, PB2, and of course a HUGE variety of frozen meals (Amy’s PLEASE come to Aus). They are all near non-existent in the Aussie dieters world. BOO 😦

Finally an opportunity arose when a work friend said her mum was in the US for a few months, and was happy to act as a mail box! I set aside some money to fund this flavorsome adventure and bided my time as my order was on its way.

Luna bars are something I have heard about for a long time, and we dont have them in Aus. I ordered the mini pack of Caramel Nut Brownie, Nuts over Chocolate and Smores.

These bars are all over the diet and heath food blogs touting low GI protein + fiber, a source of  calcium folic acid, vitamin D, rich in antioxidants (vit. A,C,E), 70% Organic , no hydrogenated oils, or GM ingredients all wrapped up in a convenient and tasty package, coming in mouth watering flavours like Chai Tea, Chocolate Raspberry, Cookies ‘n Cream Delight, Dulce de Leche,  White Chocolate Macadamia… They are also seemingly marketed towards women as a “whole nutrition bar”.


The first thing I noticed was the size. Smaller than hoped, smaller than other 90 calorie muesli bars such as Uncle Toby’s Nut Crunchy. Drat – I am a volume eater! But at 70-85 calories I guess I could have it with half a glass of milk for a snack…

“Nuts over chocolate”… Sorry Luna, but I just wasn’t (please don’t hurt me American friends!). Tasted similar to all the other protein bars I’ve eaten- soy nuggets and chocolate coating. No outstanding nut taste at all. Boo! At least there was no nasty aftertaste. And although it was tasty, it was not as filling as I’d hoped. *sigh* will have to wait until another day to try the next flavour. 6/10

“Caramel Nut Brownie” I was a little let down by the nuts over chocolate, but one whiff of this bar, and from how it looks (chocolate bottom, deep-brown proteiny filling middle, gooey caramel top and choc drizzle) and my hopes shot up. And after a bite, they stayed up!! I gobbled this baby down with a little bottle of milk. Mmm mmm. Not fantabulous but would defiantly buy these in big version 😀 Wishing I got the other variety pack now (lemon zest, macadamia) but didn’t’ really have a choice. Damn you Amazon not shipping to the address!!  BRING ON THE SMORES BAR TOMORROW!! 8/10

Smores – Ah the bathtub-model… letting people down gently for years  – you start with good feedback “your pie was delicious”… then bring up the bad points and watch the morale drop “I did find a stray hair in there and a cherry seed…” then back up to finish off “but it really enhanced the flavour”. That is the opposite of this packet of bars. Instead I started mid-way with the nuts over choc, was catapulted high up to the gloriousness of Caramel Nut Brownie, before crashing back to reality (which happens to be a decent bar the deserves a 6/10) Not bad, just not spectacular, except for squeezing the taste of marshmallows in whilst keeping the cals (and a LOT of fake stuff) out.

So there we have it! Moral of the story – stick to the caramel nut brownie, unless you know you like the others…

Also I ordered large versions of White Choc Mac, Choc Raspberry and Cookies and Cream!