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…fighting the flu 24 May 2010

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… and other undesirable illnesses that are awfully contagious šŸ˜¦ I’d rather not disclose what else I have because its frankly a little gross. SO your your benefit..ENOUGH

So what do you do when you are sick? I eat. I eat all the time. Tummy ache or headache. I never lose my appetite. (Thats a lie, when I change time zones by more than 8 hours I do. But I make up for it and am starving at night time!)

My sick collegues (wonder who I got this from…) seem to stick to dry toast with butter and lots of orange juice. Eh.

My Top 5 list of “I’m-sick-comfort-me foods” (keeping in mind I want to get better so they cant be too decadent!)

* Mum’s chilli con carne or Mapo TofuĀ – the chilli just makes my nose run and flush out all the baddies.
* Pumpkin or chicken soup with corn. I need the sweet crunch and the thick warmness
* Thick warm custard
* Warm gooey chocolate cake or pud (see next post for a quick fix recipe!)
* Ice-cream (tho I love this at any time)

As you can see I usually prefer gooey warmth to cuddle me to comfort. What about you, what are your go-to foods? And do you do the “I’m sick I’ll eat what I want” thing? I may have indulged in a few too many cookies today. What? I’m sick and feeble – don’t wanna collapse… I need energy to fight this thing šŸ˜€


… food and fitness supplementation 17 May 2010

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Though I’d make a quick page about what I eat, other than food-food! This is about me, and my personal nutrition – not recommending you to change your dietswithout seeking nutrional guidance.

Protein Powder – After I exercise I am rarely hungry, but you really need to give your body something within 30 mins.Ā I need something tasty and portable or I wont/can’t eat it.Ā I’ve tried a big range of satisfactory protein powders, but Muscle Milk is so tasty, at first I felt like I was having a proper milkshake (you get used to it, but I still look forward to it) I switched to the light because it has less calories, but still has lots of Ā calcium and protein. I have halve a serve (about 100 calories) at a time.

Honestly, they dont sponsor me, I still have to fork out the big bucks for it (its so much more epxensive in AUS – as in $40 instead of $20). And it comess in so many great flavours!! I either drink it or add it to my oatmeal or cereal (especially if I have no milk)

Multi-Vs I take multi vitamins when I am away from home as I can’t guarantee how nutritionally balanced my food is when travelling. Anything my body doesnt need more of it can expel. I take them with food, but not with calcium (as the iron is an important par tof the pill for me) so usually I take half at morning tea and half at dinner.

Fibre I was big into the psyllium husk for a while (yes that gelatnous rubbish) and it was ok, but its hard to work into your food. So I try to get as much fibreĀ as I can from food, and if I am travelling I might buy a benefibre to add to my meals. It doesnt have a taste and doesnt make your food “gritty” like the husks

Compression wear – I have had problems with shins/calves in the past, to the point where running and standing for more than 20 mins was impossible. After years of rehab, I was still scared to run, but these ‘skins’ gave me both the confidence and physical ability to keep going until now I can run for a good 30-40 mins (until my lungs give out!) I use shin guards for running, and full length or shorts for my legs workouts. I also wear another pair after a heavy workout, for recovery. I use any brand that feels good. For a good cheap pair try Slazenger from Big W ($30 RRP, but I have seen them $10 on sale at KMart)

These are the sockies I have. They look a bit garish but they do the job and are best for summer when its too hot for black leggins


…falling off the wagon… and my plans to get back on through fun drawings! 16 May 2010

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So I am struggling at the moment – away from home, meals in a hotel/at a conference hall, 3-day-long birthday celebration ( = big cake) and work piling up so I cant exercise like usual (4pm after work is now 7pm after work! Way past my dinner time too) Oh woe is Fi!

Oh the humanity! It was so delish I am writing a new post in its honour!

Yes, that is a huge chunk of peanut butter, and yes, the ganache was so delicious I wish I wore stretchy pants to dinner…

Also I cant take photos of all my food without my collegues thinking I am cukuoo – its bad enough I get teased for saying no to 50% of the snacks they bring in. And no-one really likes a blog without pictures or recipes. So my plan is to post for me, but also try and add cute illustrations! And write down each bit of exercise i can squeeze in! So consider the blog on hiatus, and more of a personal diary and accountability thing. I may delete te posts later…

Ā Love Fi!