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…fresh linkage 22 May 2010

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Mm, have been loving blog surfing recently, as a 5 min distraction as I type up reports at work, or after a long day. Giving me some healthy inspiration to keep going!

Healthy Exposures – GREAT pictures and exciting recipes. Oh how I lust for your irish cream agave. Plus a love of creative and ever-changing oats for brekkie. Lovely!

Food Buzz – How have I not found you earlier?!! Linkage of zillionz (ok, hundreds..) of food bloggers. And recipes! Looks like a future favourite! I might even join up and try and find some more aussies.

Healthy Yum – The future tastespotting.com of healthy foods? What better way to trawl for yummy AND healthy recipes! I can’t wait to be a participant in their snapshots. When I gets home!

Womens Health Look Better Naked guide – I love when magazines publish detailed info on their websites. Sometimes I just can’t  afford all the mags I want. Although I do wish they ‘d put different info up, so I didnt feel like I wasted $5 on info that was uploaded anyway. It seems pretty healthy, and I might try it when I’m a rut. Dont care about looking good nekked, just want me some tasty recipes and fitness fun!

So thems is my favourites at the mo-mo. Have fun!