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28 September 2010

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So today was a variation on yesterday’s yummy crumpet!
Two ma-hu-ssive s’berries on a lemon curdy spready crumpet with yogurt, and a drizzle of flaxseed oil (that bright yellow stuff)

Messy and delicccciiiiiiiouuuuusssss. Forgot my glass of milk so I was hungry mid-morning.
This is the lunchy I packed – pear, half a can of soup with crackers and leftover lite n easy fruits, and passionfruit yogurt-o.

I usually have a whole can of soup, but trying to be a little bit cheap and eat ALL the food in my cupboard, including crackers that I’ve already opened so I only had half – It was a very small lunch. Next time I think I would prefer to add protein. Was hungry by 3pm so had my yogurt – thick and delicious. Wanted something else… don’t know if I can wait until after my workout – just a fitness video I picked up, but I didnt like it. Boo.
I intended on cooking Australia Eatwell sausages for tea, and have leftovers all week (they are pretty damn yummy!!) but I could not find them anywhere! I checked two Woolies, a Coles and an IGA, and only found the burgers and Sanitarium fake meats! Someone help? West Brisbane suburbs, from Ipswich out to Indooroopilly, where-o-where are the Aussie Eat Well snags?
Instead I got uber lazy and heated a lite and easy frozo, Malay Beef, linked here.

Back on the wagon! 27 September 2010

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As you can see my creative titles have waned since my previous posting. I would prefer just to get these posts done for now – life is hectic (but I bet you all know that!)

Breakfast I used the lemon curd spread I just posted a recipe for here. On a wholemeal crumpet with natural yogurt, blueberries and toasted almonds, plus a glass of Anlene no fat (but so much calicum!!) It looks small, but the toppings were dripping off it was so tall. I prefer small amounts of food that pack a punch for breakfast.

Morning tea was a hard apple, shortly followed by lunch as I was hu-un-gry! 100g turkey mince shaped into a long patty, in a rye wrap with avocado and lettuce. Was yummy, but small.I planned some pears but I was in too much of a whirlwind at work.

Afternoon tea with natural yogurt with passionfruit and splenda (under lunch there) The yogurt is Jalna A2 natural low fat. Its quite tart, especially compared to the smooth Vaalia, but its fine if you mix it with other things. I would not use this as a sub for sour cream in recipes for icing or in soups etc. Stick to the Vaalia. BUT Jalna is uber-UBER thick, and I do enjoy their low fat flavoured mini pots. Yum yum!

Dinner was a frozo, so the in depth details at my other blog (which is for frozen meals) but I found it OK, very plain flavoured, tho I did scoff it all. I wont buy it again too soon – I’d rather make the same meal myself.

Dessert? I dont know. I should not but I think I have leftover calories, so it may be a warm glass of milk to try and re-break my night eating habit (oh its been WOEFUL)


…finally found motivation 21 May 2010

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Somehow today was easier! Probably because last night I planned my meals and exercises and reminded myself why I am doing this!

Also  I’ve made a friend and we’re going to inspire each other to be healthy. No dessert on weekdays is our main plan to combat our sedentry lifestyle. And downsizing those other treats. Do you have a fitness or health buddy? I’ve always found it hard, as I move so much and rarely make good friends. Also I’m scared of the competion. and the risk fo luring each the other poor health for that reason. We’re just being casual at the moment.

I snuck in 15 mins of running this morning – thank goodness, because my afternoon plan of hitting the gym was derailed by work. – had to go and pick up a new collegue from the airport, flown in for tomorrow’s conference.

I intended to do 30 mins of intervals on the treadmill, but foolishly after a sprint I outright stopped for a few seconds and my poor body ceased up! Oh the pain. I had to walk of the nausea, and leave the tready for someone else.

B – Vegemite on wholemeal toast + 1.5 soft eggies and a round of grapfuit + Skim Milk. I miss you grainery bread! Burgen is the best I’ve found – Rye and pumpkin seed are my favourites!

S – Watermelon from the fruit platter and a few sneaky macadamia nut halves

L – Skipped the lasagana at the food court and got me some chicken salad and a tiny cup of beef and lentil soup (more veg than meat) YUM and hit the spot!

S – no gym made me hungy, but got away with a plum and some cereal. And a cup of mint green tea.

D – Steak and Salad at work BBQ. Only big fluffy white bread so avoided

Pictures a’comin!


…feeling gross 18 May 2010

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All this eating and no running is wrecking havoc in my insides. I feel like a hypocryte, touting a healthy lifestyle but at the moment I’m in a bit of a slump 😦

Tomorrow’s pictures will be all the one picture collage!

breakfast one lunch2 snack2

B – Banprobix – A messy mix of a banana, a weetbix (like a vitabrit, a wheat cereal brick, BIG in Australia) and chocolate protein powder (and a tbsp of peanut butter)

S – Apple – mm golden delicious. One of my favourite (along with Pink Lady and Fuji!)

L – Turkey Wrap with sauteed mushrooms and onion, and a touch of garlic and cheese courtsey of catered lunch! DELISH.

S – In pain. Must have liquid snack as hungry…Protein Powder – cookies and cream. Not that great despite rave reviews 😦

D – Microwaveable soup – Italian Wedding soup from the ‘ethnic’ shop. Beef meatballs and spinach. Hope I like it! Feeling like I ate rocks 😦 Comfort ate a few cookies, but not too many so OK!

Rolled around on the floor with resistance bands in attempt to get the belly moving. Might have to see the doc. NOOOO I hate the doctor. After years of going twice a week, and getting blood tests monthly, i broke free and had almost a whole year without being sick (despite my friends getting colds etc) and then another 6 months without the doc.  BOO.


… food for first day on wagon! and then I felled off again :(

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Still working on how I draw …



tacosalad1 turkdin

B – Strawberries and Cream Oats. 1 cup oatmeal from the breakfast buffet, with protein powder and fruit and walnuts (~350 cal).

I use Cytosport Muscle Milk Light. Although it has more calories than other protein powders it  TASTES GREAT and you dont need milk (and it has calcium too) – always handy when travelling. At the moment I am using cake batter flavour – its like a sweet vanilla, and mixed in oatmeal it tastes like marshmally cake topping! I prefer it this was as plain its a little too sweet (so I use chocolate for a shake!)

S – Sip of coffee, Grapefruit then Salmon Jerky. Hungry 😦 Sounds WEIRD, especially as I dont like normal jerky but this stuff is delish. Smells a bit fishy, but tastes like chewy over-cooked soy-sesame salmon, which is portable and I find delish. I got it from a Japanese Grocery Store. Another blogger enjoying it

L – "Taco" salad – chopped ice-burg lettuce, tomatoes, capsicum from the salad bar and 1/2 c taco mince (chilli with beans)

S – Plum and almonds

D – Group Dinner – Middle-eastern theme. 1/4 c hummus and Moubarak each, with veggies and lamb skewers. Mistake – went back for seconds and this time got bread and another 1/4 c of dips even though I wasn’t hungry 😦 Cause – standing up to eat, and then having nothing to talk about with collegues. Decided to fill my face instead. BOO. THEN someone offered me a PB cup!?!! how could I say no 😦

Exercise – 10 minutes of morning yoga. Long day so no cardio. Tried to go for a jog but in too much pain from overeating.