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…Food Review: Luna Bar White Choc Macadamia 12 May 2010

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Well, hello Luna.

We meet again.

I see this time you’re in a fetching blue wrapper. And what’s this? White chocolate macadamia? How did you know – that’s my favourite Subway cookie flavour, and true a weakness of mine, almost worth the extra padding on the hips. I must resist devouring you in one sitting…SDC10537

Mm you smell delicious, like a real snack bar should. Your seductive white choc drizzle is reminiscent of my trick to make ugly cakes look good. And you taste…FANTASTIC! The overwhelming white chocolate and the subtle macadamia. Sheer genius in snack form… Satisfying

SDC10540Ready for your close up?! Are they real nuts pillowed beneath your tasty protein goodness?! Oh my – I’m blushing…

Now that i have nommed the entire bar over two days, I can happily report that THIS BAR IS WORTH IT (and so are you!) Not minding about the calorie content, because I feel great after eating this – sweet enough for my brownie-addicted belly, but not too sweet to send me over the edge into mindless-munch land. 9/10 (I rarely give 10s) and please order me another case Mrs Morgan!