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…Food review (or fake food?) Chocolite Bar Triple Chocolate Fudge 13 May 2010

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I had high hopes for this bar, since it got 4/5 from the iateapie review. The bar is 95 calories, but a little high in sat fat. Described as “moist and delicious” the bar looks like a brownie – yum yum 

SDC10513Melty but chewy 


  • Chocolate tasted real adn they we’rent skimpy
  • Caramelly bonus
  • Low cal (95) for “decadence”
  • A good v. sweet snack


  • Clight alcohol sugar after-taste
  • Not really suited for hot weather climates (mm Australia)
  • Caramel too chewy, dessert should not make your jaw hurt

So to summarise I’d considering buying this bar again for when chocolate cravings hit. It doesn’t work as dessert because its too bar-y, and not brownie enough. 7/10

Starting to think that I am not really missing out on all that much. Altho still wish I could try their PB cups… or the caramel turtle..