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28 September 2010

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So today was a variation on yesterday’s yummy crumpet!
Two ma-hu-ssive s’berries on a lemon curdy spready crumpet with yogurt, and a drizzle of flaxseed oil (that bright yellow stuff)

Messy and delicccciiiiiiiouuuuusssss. Forgot my glass of milk so I was hungry mid-morning.
This is the lunchy I packed – pear, half a can of soup with crackers and leftover lite n easy fruits, and passionfruit yogurt-o.

I usually have a whole can of soup, but trying to be a little bit cheap and eat ALL the food in my cupboard, including crackers that I’ve already opened so I only had half – It was a very small lunch. Next time I think I would prefer to add protein. Was hungry by 3pm so had my yogurt – thick and delicious. Wanted something else… don’t know if I can wait until after my workout – just a fitness video I picked up, but I didnt like it. Boo.
I intended on cooking Australia Eatwell sausages for tea, and have leftovers all week (they are pretty damn yummy!!) but I could not find them anywhere! I checked two Woolies, a Coles and an IGA, and only found the burgers and Sanitarium fake meats! Someone help? West Brisbane suburbs, from Ipswich out to Indooroopilly, where-o-where are the Aussie Eat Well snags?
Instead I got uber lazy and heated a lite and easy frozo, Malay Beef, linked here.

Finally fashion? 27 September 2010

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Well my view of what is fashion!

What I wore shopping:

My cons, skinny greay jeans, a pink tank and a pattern splotchy black/pink tank over that (see below), with a little necklace. I dont usually dress like this, I was inspired by another girl I saw. I am usually very… cutesy (knee high socks, pinafores, mary janes, sesame street themes, bright colours) or man style (collared t-shirts shorts and my volleys)!

A whole day at Jindalee DFO AND Mt Ommaney shops and this is ALL I GOT. I am losing my mojo peeps. Grey dress is kinda wool and has a bit of a houndstooth patter. It has cutish studs on it, and I will wear with some grey ankle boots and tights during winter. I wish I didnt have a work uniform thing, so I could wear cool office clothes like this. But I can see me in Brisbane, at Cocoawoo sipping a flavoured hot chocolate (tim tam methinks) in QLD winter.

Then the tops are from Big W and Kmart. Kmart makes this FANTASTIC range of tanks for about $8-12 that feel so great, and are super versatile and great for layering. I have black and pink now. BUT they also sell tanks for about $6 which are not as nice, not as fitted. Try them on though. I am usually a 10-12 in tanks, but this 12 was too small for me 😦

The last dress was a sack when I tried it on but I could see the potential. Its a bit of a digital origami pattern, and I will wear it out in Brissy, with some wicked peacock coloured nailpolish, a belt and some open toed boots. Kinda channeling these looks, but more subtle.

And what I bought recently! Note I am a massive bargain shopper. I require cas dresses and tops under $15, shoes under $20, pants under $30, jewelry under $10  if I am to buy them straight away, otherwise I go away, really think about it and make sure its not an impulse buy.

Boo, I didnt realise how bad the pic was! Cotton On dresses (plus a $5 scarf, not pictured) for $30 and an Equip necklace. I intend to pull off the green beads and add some ribbon and an eiffel tower! Polka dot dress will be worn with a flower made out of larger polka dotted pattern, maybe a red ribbon in the middle, but I enjoy its loose fit. The stripy dress probably with my cons to a picnic or shopping, maybe I need a little cardy for this. Any suggestions what colour? I have grey and red, long sleeve and white three quarters (but its so tight!)  but I think this needs something else.


Back on the wagon!

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As you can see my creative titles have waned since my previous posting. I would prefer just to get these posts done for now – life is hectic (but I bet you all know that!)

Breakfast I used the lemon curd spread I just posted a recipe for here. On a wholemeal crumpet with natural yogurt, blueberries and toasted almonds, plus a glass of Anlene no fat (but so much calicum!!) It looks small, but the toppings were dripping off it was so tall. I prefer small amounts of food that pack a punch for breakfast.

Morning tea was a hard apple, shortly followed by lunch as I was hu-un-gry! 100g turkey mince shaped into a long patty, in a rye wrap with avocado and lettuce. Was yummy, but small.I planned some pears but I was in too much of a whirlwind at work.

Afternoon tea with natural yogurt with passionfruit and splenda (under lunch there) The yogurt is Jalna A2 natural low fat. Its quite tart, especially compared to the smooth Vaalia, but its fine if you mix it with other things. I would not use this as a sub for sour cream in recipes for icing or in soups etc. Stick to the Vaalia. BUT Jalna is uber-UBER thick, and I do enjoy their low fat flavoured mini pots. Yum yum!

Dinner was a frozo, so the in depth details at my other blog (which is for frozen meals) but I found it OK, very plain flavoured, tho I did scoff it all. I wont buy it again too soon – I’d rather make the same meal myself.

Dessert? I dont know. I should not but I think I have leftover calories, so it may be a warm glass of milk to try and re-break my night eating habit (oh its been WOEFUL)


Recipe: Lemon Spread

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I thought I’d come back with a little recipe to share.

I made some lemon meringue cupcakes last week, and wanted to make a healthier option. But lemon curd – made of eggs, butter and sugar- is pretty much a nightmare in terms of calories. Sure, its a very intense flavour, so you can use less, but a tablespoon is about 77 calories. For a condiment that I LURRRVE. Boo.

But never fear, Google helped me find a few alternatives, namely this one from eating well, of which I still wasn’t happy with, so I tinkered.

Fi’s Lemon Spread

(can’t call is curd, as it has very little butter or eggs but trust me, you dont miss it all that much!)

  • 1 large egg
  • 2 large egg whites (I subbed one for Organ No-egg replacer)
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup splenda or other sweetener
  • 1 tablespoon freshly grated lemon zest
  • 2/3 cup lemon juice, juice
  • 1 teaspoon margarine (next time I will omit and see)
  • 1 tbsp cornflour, mixed into 2 tbsp cold water

1. Whisk together egg, egg whites/replacer, sugar, lemon zest and juice in a medium nonreactive saucepan.

2. Add margaine and cook over low heat, whisking constantly, until thickened, 5 to 7 minutes. Do not let sauce come to a simmer. (The first time I did it it wouldnt thicken so I did the next step. The second time it did thicken up, but I still added the cornflour with extra water to bulk up the spread)

3. Slowly pour in the cornflour/water mix, and whisk hard to avoid clumps. Bring the temperature up almost to a gentle boil, until the spread thickens. Transfer to a small bowl and let cool.

The originial eating well  recipe almost halved the calories, and my switch of sugar meants its about 25 calories a tablespoon – about a third from the orignal. Of course this is using cancer sugar, but I’m sure you could use stevia instead of Splenda, as I onlyaded it at the end to stop it being uber tart.

Be creative with this one – you can stir it into yogurt (with passionfruit – yum) in salad dressings, on crumpets or toast, even on toast with ricotta or cottage cheese. Delicious!

Yes, its a beer glass. Just for storing. Honest… I dont drink it… yet… I might put oats in it when I’m done with the spread for a hot parfait.


Just a quick one to day 26 September 2010

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I’m back!

See you tomorrow for the day’s recap and a low-fat/sugar lemon curd recipe I’ve been tinkering with!


…food review – final Luna bar! Cookies n’ Cream Delight 26 May 2010

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Oh noes! The last one is gone!

As with the others, . This one also fared through the hot summer (although now its cold winter!) better than the Chocolite Bars.  I liked to split them in half and have them as a post workout snack with milk, as half is too small for a snack and a whole one, too big (but also too small for a breakfast/lunch replacement. I try to eat more real foods for my three meals)


Once again I cut this one in half. The colour surprised me – it is indeed cookies and cream rather than cream and cookies (like ice-cream) I love the decoration on these bars! Squiggleeeeeeeeeeee!


I thought it was a little dry but the flavour, after a few bites and time to develop in my mouth, was delish. 7.5/10 – I did prefer the choc raspberry cos I am a sweet tooth, but this one is still a good choice. On my list of foods to get if I ever go to the US. Delightful indeed!


…fighting the flu 24 May 2010

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… and other undesirable illnesses that are awfully contagious 😦 I’d rather not disclose what else I have because its frankly a little gross. SO your your benefit..ENOUGH

So what do you do when you are sick? I eat. I eat all the time. Tummy ache or headache. I never lose my appetite. (Thats a lie, when I change time zones by more than 8 hours I do. But I make up for it and am starving at night time!)

My sick collegues (wonder who I got this from…) seem to stick to dry toast with butter and lots of orange juice. Eh.

My Top 5 list of “I’m-sick-comfort-me foods” (keeping in mind I want to get better so they cant be too decadent!)

* Mum’s chilli con carne or Mapo Tofu – the chilli just makes my nose run and flush out all the baddies.
* Pumpkin or chicken soup with corn. I need the sweet crunch and the thick warmness
* Thick warm custard
* Warm gooey chocolate cake or pud (see next post for a quick fix recipe!)
* Ice-cream (tho I love this at any time)

As you can see I usually prefer gooey warmth to cuddle me to comfort. What about you, what are your go-to foods? And do you do the “I’m sick I’ll eat what I want” thing? I may have indulged in a few too many cookies today. What? I’m sick and feeble – don’t wanna collapse… I need energy to fight this thing 😀