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Bookmarks 11 May 2010

Food and Health Blogs:

Kath Eats Real Food – one of the original bloggers I used to (and still) follow daily. She helped inspire me to eat delicious healthy meals the WAY I like (in cool bowls!) and keep fit! Thanks Kath!

Live Laugh Eat – Yay for Allie and her healthy ideas and appetite, proving you can get an education and eat well too (why didnt I have this blog a few years ago!)

Bake Bike Blog – Another Aussie!! I also like it as I lived in Canberra for a while so I recognise the places and foods she blogs about. DELICIOUSSSSSSSSSS recipes that I can acutaly get the ingredients for without ordering from overseas.

Chocolate Covered Katie – I’m not a vegan (although considered it) but I love CCV’s healthy but decadent recipes. Also this owuld have been a good site when I was sick, trying to put ON weight. Yes, there was such a time

Reference sites:

Nutrition Data This is NOT just another calorie -counting website. Its a HUGE database and really analyses the specific nutriton of food, i.e the qualitiy of its protein, a breakdown of its fats and vitamins and an indication of how a certain food will help weight-loss, health and weight gain. You can search for what you’re missing in a diet according to nutrition or fullness factor or look up recipes. And its not just for plain foods like almonds, but you can find your Cold Stone Peanut Butter playground cake in there too (which by the way only gets a quarter of a star for weight loss!! Every little it counts right?!?!) I think I will be getting the toolbar…

Shape – This is my favourite of the US fitness magazines. Although I read and pilfer workouts from  Self  and Fitness Magazine, I like Shape’s articles a little more and the models are more achieavle than inspirational bodies. Have to keep a real perspective in mind though because all the skinny women in these magazines are NOT the majortiy of the population and not how all women shold look.

Tastespotting – the best food p0rn and great for getting ideas (or wasting time)

Taste.com – goodness! So many recipes from the food magazines we can buy in Aus. And all in australian measurements!

Fashion and Gossip:

Pink is the New Blog – Trent is hilarious and a great-sounding guy. Have also been a keen reader of this blog forever!

Glamour – My fav magazine. Only problem is its $15 per mag in AUS. BOO


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