F is for…

food, fitness, fashion and FUN!

About 28 April 2010

Going to try and keep this short…

I’m Fiona, Fi for short. I’m a twenty-something y.o. chick from Brisbane, Australia, with a love for all things food, fitness, fashion and fun (or my versions of them!)

Me + Food – Ah what a funny relationship we’ve had. I left home with no idea how to cook and a penchant for pizzas and late night giant cookies to fuel me through the first year of uni. But like so many others, I started to feel uncomfortable in my own body and began a long running “health” quest. For me calories worked and I went back to a normal healthy size for a while. Suddenly my thoughts became bombarded with new ideas, and fanciful feasts! Meanwhile I was cooking out of a sole microwave and toaster, trying to re-create the recipes I saw on blogs, and keeping it healthy and cheap! Now I’m out of that world and into a new one of travelling, trying to push my weight back to a healthy size, that gives me room to enjoy my cake. I also love trying new food (culturally) and new products, so I hope to offer aussies insight into what new products they can throw into their shopping trolley and what they should throw out! There’s so much more, but I am going to leave that for another day.

What I live by – a little of anything won’t kill you. I eat sweeteners and I eat sugar. I drink cows milk, rice milk and soy milk. I eat whole eggs and egg whites. I try balance my diet as much as I can without doing my head (or wallet) in. I am working on my intake becoming more natural and whole foods, but on the road its better to eat a protein bar or diet yogurts than “organic” cookies and croissants. But I am a MASSIVE sweet tooth and sometimes only a thick slab of mud cake will soothe me

Me + Fitness – I was the kid at school who got picked last for sports. Always. And when I started trying to balance my calories in with energy out, I ended up hating the endless running that caused my shin splints, stress fractures and compartments syndrome. But the bloggerverse inspired me to keep trying, to find something I love. At the moment its fitness classes and trying new things.  I have stopped seeing exercise as a means to simply burn calories to eat more, but a way to make myself feel stronger and healthier.

Me + Fashion When I say fashion I do not mean Gucci and prada. I LOVE clothes, I love shoes, but I was brought up budgeting. I love me some Target and Kmart, and add more expensive ‘pieces’ to complete a look.. I like to find bargains and customize clothes, so I hope to share a little of that with you. My favorite things are magazine – I love to cut them up and make collages and inspirational books, to encourage me to find my own style

Me + fun!! At the moment I am pretty full up with work and I travel frequently, getting fed meals from work lunches, and catered functions at crazy hours. This makes it hard to balance my health, particularly in a male dominated world, where skim milk is apparently shunned. But I think I am finally doing it and if I share my journey with you, it’ll keep me even more honest. I don’t have many close female friends yet, because work has dragged me around for the past few years. But I love girls nights in (and out!) and shoppppinngg, massages and cocktails! Seriously, who doesn’t…


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