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28 September 2010

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So today was a variation on yesterday’s yummy crumpet!
Two ma-hu-ssive s’berries on a lemon curdy spready crumpet with yogurt, and a drizzle of flaxseed oil (that bright yellow stuff)

Messy and delicccciiiiiiiouuuuusssss. Forgot my glass of milk so I was hungry mid-morning.
This is the lunchy I packed – pear, half a can of soup with crackers and leftover lite n easy fruits, and passionfruit yogurt-o.

I usually have a whole can of soup, but trying to be a little bit cheap and eat ALL the food in my cupboard, including crackers that I’ve already opened so I only had half – It was a very small lunch. Next time I think I would prefer to add protein. Was hungry by 3pm so had my yogurt – thick and delicious. Wanted something else… don’t know if I can wait until after my workout – just a fitness video I picked up, but I didnt like it. Boo.
I intended on cooking Australia Eatwell sausages for tea, and have leftovers all week (they are pretty damn yummy!!) but I could not find them anywhere! I checked two Woolies, a Coles and an IGA, and only found the burgers and Sanitarium fake meats! Someone help? West Brisbane suburbs, from Ipswich out to Indooroopilly, where-o-where are the Aussie Eat Well snags?
Instead I got uber lazy and heated a lite and easy frozo, Malay Beef, linked here.

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