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Back on the wagon! 27 September 2010

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As you can see my creative titles have waned since my previous posting. I would prefer just to get these posts done for now – life is hectic (but I bet you all know that!)

Breakfast I used the lemon curd spread I just posted a recipe for here. On a wholemeal crumpet with natural yogurt, blueberries and toasted almonds, plus a glass of Anlene no fat (but so much calicum!!) It looks small, but the toppings were dripping off it was so tall. I prefer small amounts of food that pack a punch for breakfast.

Morning tea was a hard apple, shortly followed by lunch as I was hu-un-gry! 100g turkey mince shaped into a long patty, in a rye wrap with avocado and lettuce. Was yummy, but small.I planned some pears but I was in too much of a whirlwind at work.

Afternoon tea with natural yogurt with passionfruit and splenda (under lunch there) The yogurt is Jalna A2 natural low fat. Its quite tart, especially compared to the smooth Vaalia, but its fine if you mix it with other things. I would not use this as a sub for sour cream in recipes for icing or in soups etc. Stick to the Vaalia. BUT Jalna is uber-UBER thick, and I do enjoy their low fat flavoured mini pots. Yum yum!

Dinner was a frozo, so the in depth details at my other blog (which is for frozen meals) but I found it OK, very plain flavoured, tho I did scoff it all. I wont buy it again too soon – I’d rather make the same meal myself.

Dessert? I dont know. I should not but I think I have leftover calories, so it may be a warm glass of milk to try and re-break my night eating habit (oh its been WOEFUL)


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