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…food review – final Luna bar! Cookies n’ Cream Delight 26 May 2010

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Oh noes! The last one is gone!

As with the others, . This one also fared through the hot summer (although now its cold winter!) better than the Chocolite Bars.  I liked to split them in half and have them as a post workout snack with milk, as half is too small for a snack and a whole one, too big (but also too small for a breakfast/lunch replacement. I try to eat more real foods for my three meals)


Once again I cut this one in half. The colour surprised me – it is indeed cookies and cream rather than cream and cookies (like ice-cream) I love the decoration on these bars! Squiggleeeeeeeeeeee!


I thought it was a little dry but the flavour, after a few bites and time to develop in my mouth, was delish. 7.5/10 – I did prefer the choc raspberry cos I am a sweet tooth, but this one is still a good choice. On my list of foods to get if I ever go to the US. Delightful indeed!


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