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…fighting the flu 24 May 2010

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… and other undesirable illnesses that are awfully contagious 😦 I’d rather not disclose what else I have because its frankly a little gross. SO your your benefit..ENOUGH

So what do you do when you are sick? I eat. I eat all the time. Tummy ache or headache. I never lose my appetite. (Thats a lie, when I change time zones by more than 8 hours I do. But I make up for it and am starving at night time!)

My sick collegues (wonder who I got this from…) seem to stick to dry toast with butter and lots of orange juice. Eh.

My Top 5 list of “I’m-sick-comfort-me foods” (keeping in mind I want to get better so they cant be too decadent!)

* Mum’s chilli con carne or Mapo Tofu – the chilli just makes my nose run and flush out all the baddies.
* Pumpkin or chicken soup with corn. I need the sweet crunch and the thick warmness
* Thick warm custard
* Warm gooey chocolate cake or pud (see next post for a quick fix recipe!)
* Ice-cream (tho I love this at any time)

As you can see I usually prefer gooey warmth to cuddle me to comfort. What about you, what are your go-to foods? And do you do the “I’m sick I’ll eat what I want” thing? I may have indulged in a few too many cookies today. What? I’m sick and feeble – don’t wanna collapse… I need energy to fight this thing 😀


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